The following publications and reports are made available as PDF files as a professional courtesy for individual use. Any further reproduction and/or distribution requires written permission from the Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeological Laboratory.

  • Carter, Andrew
  • Crook, Ray
    Crook, Ray

    2009 Bilbo (9CH4) and Delta (38JA23): Late Archaic and Early Woodland Shell Mounds at the Mouth of the Savannah River. [view]

    2007 A Place Known as Chocolate. [view]

    2006 An Introduction to the Archaeology of Jekyll Island. [view]

    2005 Archaeological Investigations at the North End Site (9GN107), Little St. Simons Island, Georgia. [view]

    2003 2002 Investigations at the Duck House Site (9GN118), Little St. Simons Island, Georgia. [view]

    1997 Archaeological Investigations at the Sapelo Island Lighthouse and Oil House. [view]

    1996 Former Structures of the Jekyll Island Club Shown on Sanborn Field Survey Maps. [view]

    1994 An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Great Dunes Golf Course, Jekyll Island, Georgia. [currently unavailable online]

    1994 Archaeological Investigations at the Meridian Site, McIntosh County, Georgia. [view]

    1993 Archaeological Testing in the New Manchester Mill, Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia. [view]

    1990 Rae’s Creek: A Multicomponent Archaeological Site at the Fall Line along the Savannah River. [view]

    1986 A Strategy for Cultural Resource Planning in Georgia. [view]

    1984 Preliminary Archaeological Investigations at the Crooked River Site (9CAM118). [view]

    1980 Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed Location of Burns Brick Company Mine No. 2, Bibb County, Georgia. [view]

    1975 An Archaeological Survey of Green Island, Georgia. [view]

  • Harris, Norma
    Harris, Norma

    1994 Archaeological Testing at the Old House Site, Little St. Simons Island, Georgia. [view]

    1980 Sapelo Papers: Researches in the History and Prehistory of Sapelo Island, Georgia. [view]

  • Larson, Lewis
    Larson, Lewis

    1995 Prehistoric Chipped Stone Projectile Points. [view]

  • Simpkins, Dan
    Simpkins, Dan

    1991 A Phase II Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Boat Ramp at Brigham’s Landing on the Savannah River in Burke County, Georgia. [view]

    1991 Surface Collecting in Georgia: A Guide for the Avocational Archaeologist. [view]

    1990 A Phase II Archaeological and Historical Investigation of Springfield Plantation and a Civil War Earthwork at the North End of Skidaway Island State Park. [view]

    1990 A Phase II Archaeological Investigation of the Interpretive Center and Ancillary Facilities at Pickett’s Mill Historic Site in Paulding County, Georgia. [view]

  • Steinen, Karl (Editor)
    Steinen, Karl (Editor)

    1987 Archaeological Studies of a Marsh Island: The Cultural Occupation of Colonel’s Island, Georgia. [view]